Potential Revenues of Up to £64,000 Per Annum

Investing in a luxury lodge at Yorkshire Lodge Sales offers a potential source of rental income. With our guaranteed rental return for the first three years, you can earn a low-risk income from your holiday home. And if you choose to rent out your lodge for longer periods, you could earn even more – up to £64,000 per year.

A Low-Cost Investment Opportunity

Investing in a luxury lodge is a low-cost opportunity to own your own holiday home. Our lodges offer a range of options to suit your budget, and with the potential for rental income, you can start earning money straight away. Plus, owning a luxury lodge is a smart investment that can appreciate over time, providing you with a long-term return on your investment.

Hassle-Free Management by Our Team of Experts

At Yorkshire Lodge Sales, we understand that managing a rental property can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s why we offer a fully managed sublet service for lodge owners. Our experienced team will take care of all bookings and management of the rental programme, ensuring a hassle-free income for you.

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Our Holiday Parks

Our parks offer an exclusive opportunity to own a stunning holiday home in some of the most beautiful locations on the East Coast of Yorkshire. Explore our two parks below and discover the perfect luxury lodge to call your own.

Westfield Country Park

Westfield Country Park is situated close to the scenic East Yorkshire Coastline, residing in beautifully landscaped grounds amidst 37 acres of tranquil countryside.

Lakeview Holiday Park

Designed with peace, tranquillity and total relaxation in mind, Lakeview Holiday Park is an owners only holiday park near the beautiful east coast of Yorkshire.

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Lodges For Sale

Whether you are looking for a second home, an investment property, or a place to escape and unwind, our range of lodges offers the perfect solution. Explore our lodges for sale below and start your journey to owning your dream luxury holiday home today.

  • Atlas Debonair

    Lakeview Holiday Park

    From £84,995

  • 43 – Kingston Ennerdale

    Westfield Country Park

    From £184,995

  • 28 – Beverley Mason

    Westfield Country Park

    From £169,995

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